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GUADAÍRA was founded and grew in the industrial town of Alcalá de Guadaíra in Andalusia, SPAIN. A city that generates 9% of the region’s GDP.

Our beginnings go back to 1996, but as often happens in any business venture, the first seeds were sown some years before with the opening of a modest machining workshop.

Since then, we have developed in line with the many innovations that have taken place in our sector, always at the cutting edge of these developments. So much so that in Spain we were pioneers in designing systems for the online packaging of cut poultry.

We focus on providing production solutions for the meat industry, specialising in particular in the poultry sector and cutting plants. Offering “solutions” involves tackling problems, needs and shortcomings. For this reason, creativity, technological innovation, versatility, teamwork and networking with other companies are the cornerstones of our projects in order to cater for the specific needs of our customers.

We develop our projects with utmost rigour and dependability; reliability and excellence are maxims for us. For this reason, we take special care of quality parameters in all our products, both in materials – stainless steel and authorized engineering plastics -, in animal welfare, in workplace ergonomics, in compliance with food sector regulations or in hygiene requirements, where we pay special attention to the “cleanability” of our machines.

All these singularities, our capacity to innovate, the quality of our products and our technological capabilities, make GUADAÍRA an almost unique company in its field in Spain..


We mainly work for large organizations that cover all phases of the poultry production process, from the egg to the final product (Sada Group, Vall Companys Group, UVESA or Procavi [Fuertes Group], among others) and nationwide.


We are currently in the process of expanding in other international markets, having already developed important projects in Russia, Belgium and Italy.


To learn more about GUADAÍRA you can download our corporate catalogue.